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Mommy's Craft Obsession

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Are all video baby monitors secure? I don't want strangers looking at my baby.

Internet Cameras
There have been stories recently about the security of internet based baby monitors. These cameras use wi-fi and can be setup for viewing while away from home via the internet.

Cameras come with a default user name and password from the factory. Unfortunately, many people never change the default login which is like leaving your security system code as 1, 2, 3. Creating a unique login and properly configuring the camera provides a solid layer of security.

For the highest security you can set the camera so it can only be viewed at home. However, most customers who buy an internet camera do so for the ability to view it while away from home.

NextStep provides setup assistance and on-going support included with our NextStepIP and NextStepIP Pro systems. We help our customers make sure their cameras and network are setup to be as secure as possible. We're here to answer questions and talk about what's the best monitoring option for your family.

Traditional Video Baby Monitors
Traditional video baby monitors are those that have no internet or wi-fi capability. Systems come with a dedicated screen (parent unit) and camera that directly transmit the signal back and forth.

The current generation of digital video baby monitors are fully secure. Cameras are specifically linked to one monitor and can only be viewed by that monitor.

Older analog video baby monitors were not fully secure. Anyone with a compatible parent unit could potentially pick up your camera if within range. These systems have been phased out by the industry.

My monitor has a lot of static, what can I do about it?

You most likely have an older generation analog baby monitor. These systems were susceptible to static and interference from other devices.

Today's new digital systems have zero static. Either you have a connection or you do not. The short answer is it's probably time to upgrade to a new monitor :)

Can I still see my baby if I am away from the home?

Yes, today's new internet based monitor systems like NextStepIP allow you to monitor and control your camera while home or away. There is no range limitation. As long as your viewing device has a network connection you will be able to view the camera.