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Night Vision Boost+

Turbo charge the night vision of any system with Night Vision Boost and Boost+ from NextStepBabyMonitors!

Night vision uses invisible infrared light (IR) to provide illumination. Most cameras have very good built in IR lights. But if your camera must be placed far away or in a large room then you may want to supplement your IR light. Learn more about Night Vision Here.

Night Vision Boost and Boost+ are commercial grade IR illuminators. They are simple flood lights that provide the invisible IR light that can be seen by any camera with night vision capability. Use our Night Vision Boosters with any video baby monitor or internet based cameras including NextStepIP.

Night Vision Boost is our standard model that features 30 LED lights with a 1 7/8" diameter circular lens. Its compact design provides a broad flood pattern of IR light and is ideal for brightening areas within 15 feet of the camera.

Night Vision Boost+ is our larger heavy-duty model that features 50 super-sized LED lights with a 4 1/2" x 3" rectangular lens. Night Vision Boost+ provides a high powered spot light pattern of IR light that's ideal for illuminating a specific area at long ranges (15+ feet from camera).

Both illuminators have a very faint red visible glow when looking at them in the dark. This is the same as the IR lights on your camera. Be sure to view the comparison image below and see the High-Resolution Images.

Your Price: $29.99

Your Price: $49.99

Can you see the teddy bear with sunglasses sitting at the table?

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