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Remote Temperature Monitor

List: $29.99
Your Price: $24.99
Ships Within 24 Hours
Ships Via U.S. Priority Mail

Is it too hot in the baby's room or too cold? Have you ever woken up your child by walking in and out of their room to check?

Get smart and have fun at the same time with Weather Wendy's remote temperature monitor by Ambient. The system consists of a parent unit with LCD display and a separate temperature sensor. Place the remote temperature sensor in your child's room and it transmits temperature data back to the parent unit in real time.

The parent unit displays the current temperature at the remote sensor (child's room) as well as the temp at the parent unit so you can easily compare. The monitor also shows date and time and has an alarm feature if you wish to use it.

The coolest part of the monitor is Weather Wendy. She is the child depicted on the LCD screen and her clothing changes based on the current temperature reading at the remote sensor (child's room). She changes anywhere from being fully outfitted for a blizzard to being ready to hit the pool. At a glance you get a visual idea for the conditions in your child's room.

The display also shows an icon for the current season next to Wendy. A flower for spring, an umbrella and beach chair for summer, a leaf for fall and snowman for winter. When your child is older you can place the remote temperature sensor outdoors and let Weather Wendy help them decide what clothes to wear for school. Weather Wendy is a super fun and useful tool! (Requires 4 x AAA batteries - Not included)

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