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Zopid Digital

List: $199.99
Your Price: $169.99
Ships Within 24 Hours
Ships Via U.S. Priority Mail

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The Zopid Digital video baby monitor is a brand new Digital 2.4 GHz System. Being digital allows for crystal clear reception in almost any environment. Now customers no longer have to worry about wi-fi or cordless phone interference when going with a digital system!

There's so many features with this system, it's hard to know where to start. The Zopid features an impressive graphic interface with menus and icons to access all the features and settings. View the User Manual to see some of the screen shots.

Features that everyone wants are all here including Auto-Scan between multiple cameras. The auto-scan is adjustable to 5, 10, or 15 seconds between cameras, or switch manually between cameras. Support for up to 7 Extra Cameras is offered (total of 8), the most of any system we offer!

Another popular feature is the "Audio-Only" mode. This is handy at night when you don't need the LCD screen on but still want to use the system as an audio-only monitor. The screen turns off when no audio is detected and the sensitivity is adjustable. There is also an audio alarm setting to alert you when the camera picks up a pre-set level of sound.

Even more features include a digital zoom, a built in clock with feeding alarm settings, programmable buttons, a belt clip and stand for the monitor, and included wall mount or stand for the camera. There's also a 4 step visual audio meter on the monitor to show the audio level being picked up by the camera, and there's multi-language support for the on screen menus.

The buttons on the side of the monitor can be set to be your volume control or to change the camera channel, whichever function you would like to have quick access to. Please see the User Manual (section 5.12) for more info.

With a large 2.4" LCD screen the Zopid provides a high resolution image. Built-in Night Vision allows monitoring even in total darkness. The camera employs built-in IR illuminators which shine light up to 8 ft that's invisible to human eyes. The camera automatically switches into and out of night vision mode using a light sensor to detect darkness.

Both camera and monitor are powered by the included AC adapters. Or for shorter periods both units can operate on the included rechargeable battery packs. Battery life is approx 4 hours, with slightly longer time for the monitor if you use the audio-only feature which saves power.

Both camera and monitor also have USB ports. This is the first system to allow the end user to upgrade the firmware (software) as improvements come out. You can also power and recharge the camera and monitor while plugged into the USB port of a computer.

Be sure to view the User Manual and all the High-Res Images for this system!

Over View

Night Vision

  • Actual Screen Shot Taken In Total Darkness!
  • Built-In IR Illuminators Shine Light That's Invisible To Human Eyes.

  • What's Included?
    Included With Zopid Digital Video Baby Monitor:
    (1) Monitor, (1) Indoor Camera
    Camera Wall Mount/Stand, Rechargeable Monitor Battery, Camera Battery Pack (Internal)
    AC Adapters, USB Cable, User Manual
    Optional Add-Ons:
    Additional Indoor Camera

    Zopid Digital Specs
    Digital 2.4 GHz
    Possible Interference:
    450 ft (Clear Line Of Sight)
    200 ft (Obstructed)
    Built-In Omni-Directional
    Channel Switching:
    Manual or Auto-Scan
    A/V Output:
    2.4" Color TFT LCD
    Audio Only Feature:
    Yes (Adjustable)
    Monitor Power:
    AC Adapter (Included)
    Or Recharheable Battery (Included)
    or USB
    Camera Power:
    AC Adapter (Included)
    Or Internal Rechargeable Battery (Included)
    or USB
    Battery Life:
    Camera: Approx 3 Hrs
    Monitor: Approx 4-5 Hrs (With Audio Only Mode Enabeled)
    Sound Alarm, Digital Clock With Alarm Feature
    Camera Infrared LEDs:
    8 Built In
    Night Vision Mode:
    Light Sesnor - Automatic
    Built In
    Monitor Dimensions:
    4.75" H x 2.75" W x 1" D
    Monitor Weight:
    5.2 oz (148g)
    Camera Dimensions:
    3.25" H x 3.5" W x 1" D
    Camera Weight:
    3.8 oz (108g)
    1 Year
    User Manual:
    zopid.pdf (2.2 MB)


    Extra Camera
    Your Price: $99.99
    Extra Cams Unavailable
    Have Questions? Contact Us and we'll be happy to help!